Welcome to recreational music-making. Using native flutes, indigenous drums, and rattles, the Ancient Voices program provide empowering and fun events for communities and organizations. The mission is to promote wellness and community harmony through the use of primitive acoustic instruments.
No musical experience is necessary!

As long as humans have been on earth, all over the world, we have enjoyed playing music in community. No formal lessons were necessary then. Nor are they necessary now. We are rhythmic beings and playing together is as natural as the voice that emerges from us when we are first born.
The ancient voices include the human voice, which is the oldest and most primitive instrument of all, native flute, drums, and rattles.

Ami Sarasvati, Group Leader, CMP

My desire to facilitate enjoyable and accessible group musical experiences inspired me to create Ancient Voices Musical Community. There’s something universal and uniting about playing music together unlike anything else. Some music programs can be intimidating to those who have not had formal musical training. In contrast, Ancient Voices is designed to be an empowering and enjoyable experience through the participants' access and choice of indigenous instruments including rattles, drums, and flutes. While flutes do take some training (which is available in private or group lessons), rattles and drums can be played right away.

Training and certification includes:

  • Flute Haven Flute Circle Leadership Training
  • Instructor of Native American Style Flute
  • HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drum Facilitator
  • Certified Music Practitioner (CMP)
  • Music for People

Being part of a group musical experience in a supportive setting is simply wonderful! Novice players and trained musicians, playing side by side, are invited to relax and enjoy an inclusive musical experience. Ancient Voices Musical Community exists to bring joy, harmony, and fellowship to communities.

At Eastern Massachusett Rhythm Festival facilitating workshop on How to Play the Native American style flute.